Corporate Website Development

A website needs to be attractive, informative, engaging, and simple to navigate. It also needs to be easy to find. DEPRESMAS keeps all these factors in mind when designing your website. We not only create but also maintain and recreate to make sure your website stays up-to-date with fresh material to keep your audience clicking day after day. As with all our other services, we can monitor and track results to optimize effectiveness and we can ensure your site gets found by your audience (see SEO and PPC sections above).

eCommerce Development

One of the most radical ways the internet has changed how business is done is with the advent of E-commerce (electronic commerce). E-commerce allows business to sell to customers directly cutting out the middle man allowing them to increase their profit margins and escape the limitations of traditional brick and mortar companies. Doing advertising and commerce on the web allows companies to do business at a fraction of the cost of overhead than previously required.

DEPRESMAS uses our expertise, experience, and know-how to ensure that your business sees results. We will design your website and create sales pages that allow for easy and safe transactions. We will send emails to inform of new products, sales, and promotions. We can create web applications specific to your needs. We’ll ensure that your business sees increase in traffic and profit. We will track and report your increases to help you meet your goals daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. DEPRESMAS is here to see to it that you succeed.

Tablet & Mobile Responsive Development

Smartphones and tablets have significantly changed the way of doing business. People can shop quickly and easily from their mobile device and purchase with the touch of a button. That’s why it’s important for your business to be smart-phone friendly and to have websites and application that are conducive to the mobile device user. We create the websites you need to do business with mobile device users. We are pros at developing across formats and whether it’s for apple or android users, we make sure none of your customers are left out. We have the expertise to make sure your business is in step with the digital age.

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